For Photo

What is your approach in capturing our wedding day?

Kind of weird that you pay me to be there, but I really like to shoot in a way where you barely notice I am. I do greet myself to everyone in the room so I’m not a total stranger, but I know there are enough raw emotions going on throughout the day that sometimes the best shots are when I just step back and observe through my camera. During technical aspects for the sake of video/photo quality, such as lighting or framing, I will probably have you face towards a brighter window, etc. And I am 100% against poses that make you feel artificial and awkward. Something as simple as, ‘look into each other’s eyes as you hug each other’ is one of the best things to do in directing as I back away allowing you two to have your moment. 

How many pictures should we expect to receive? And when?

On average, you should receive 550-750 photos depending on how many hours you book me for. If you decide to add an additional photographer, another 250-450 photos. Each and every single picture edited ready to be downloaded in high-resolution via an online gallery. I typically take 5-8 weeks to finish a wedding.

For Video

Whaaat? Is that a drone? What other equipment do you bring?

Every wedding I shoot I like to bring my whole arsenal. I don’t add extra cost to use my drone. It is all included in my 1 package. I shoot with a Canon Mark IV, Nikon D750, Sony A7S, DJI Phantom 4, camera gimbals/stabilizers for those smooth, buttery shots, etc. I also like to use the sun (natural lighting) as much as I can.

How long is a wedding highlight?

A wedding highlight is typically 4-6 minutes long.

Great, you shot our wedding and it was awesome! When could we expect our wedding video highlight?

The next day! Just kidding. I wish! Depending on busy seasons of the year, I usually take 3-4 months. Don’t worry, as you’re enjoying your marriage, I am busy at work. Anyways, I do think it’s a good idea to not rush over things as precious as your wedding memory!

Final Questions

Do you travel? 

As a bride and groom would say it, ‘I do’. There are traveling fees depending on which area you plan to get married. Please email for more details!

Sweet! How do we book you?

I require a 20% non-refundable deposit to secure your date via check or cash mailed to my address or using the Venmo app. The remainder is due 2-weeks before or on your wedding day. Please keep in mind I do have a first come, first serve policy.